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Here, in OPorto (Portugal), we've decided to join some friends for a bike ride.
To mobilize people, we've spread some "seeds" on the Internet (forumciclismo.netfacebook.com, twitter, alblackie.blogspot.com ...), but it could have been better!
We've gathered 10 friends and rode about 70km by road in northern Portugal, near the Douro river and the Atlantic Ocean, and you guys can check out the track we've done here ...
We all felt that next year we will be more, and we've decided to propose  RadioShack Portuguese cyclists to join us (Paulinho, Machado and Cardoso)! It may happen that L. Armstrong also come to know the north of Portugal! It would be perfect!
We also got in contact with the Portuguese League Against Cancer who was keen to support the initiative, and has also expressed interest in supporting more actively next year.
As a direct consequence of our livestrong day, we made the commitment to become members of the Portuguese League against Cancer!
For me, in particular, was a special day, since the week before the ride I had the news of a great friend who beat cancer (testicular cancer and lymphoma in the chest - Schmits is a winner!).

Thanks Livestrong!

See you next October 2nd!!!

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Attach a group photo and our signature sheet (missing two elements that have not signed, Pedro and Tiago)

Altino Rocha

Excelente manha de cicloturismo... Sem muitas palavras, fica a foto e video para a posteridade.
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